About Us

Alcore Doors and Windows

Alcore Doors And Windows has manufactured and sold modern windows and doors for over 30 years. All our windows and doors are manufactured according to individual taste, specification, and application. As a result, our installation is quick and accurate. There is less disruption in your life and to your home. Having relocated to Los Angeles, has given our company the ability to respond to new market demands with agility and innovation. Alcore Doors and Windows manufacture all our Windows and Doors using the latest techniques and state of the art equipment. We use our own proprietary Aluminum Extrusions and heavy duty components. Our Window and Door Glass is Tempered Double Pane Low E and is energy efficient. Low E Glass will help to prevent UV damage and fading to furniture, rugs, artwork, and window treatments. Low E Glass also helps to reflect the heat of the summer sun while helping to retain cool interior temperatures.


Lastest Installation

With a habitat that is ever-changing and young families gravitating toward urban markets, Alcore Doors and Windows will help with noise reduction in your home.

Aluminum is dense and is very effective in blocking out unwanted exterior noise. Alcore Doors and Windows combination of Tempered Double Pane Energy Efficient Insulated Glass helps to imbibe and mute sound vibrations.

Our windows and doors are built using durable parts and beautiful double pane glass, which add to the design aesthetic of any structure. Choose from a selection of colors that will suit your home and personal taste.

Sliding Windows

We manufacture and sell the best modern windows! We are committed to remain Green Friendly by supplying the Greenest windows, multi-slide and sliding windows in the country.

We now offer a steel lock option (Series 250-T windows) that has sleek dimensions and is available on more products.



Sliding Doors

We offer an incredible selection of custom sliding doors. Guide grilles come in matching stylish designs that are energy efficient in mild climates. Heavy duty stainless steel tandem rollers provide smooth, effortless and long-lasting operation. Alcore doors and windows will add visual appeal to any area of your home. Our door collection also includes Swing Doors, Pocket Sliding Doors, Multi Panel Sliding Doors, French Doors, and for large applications you can order our Lift and Slide Doors!

Opening Windows

Simplify your life with opening tilt-in windows for easy cleaning, while simultaneously reducing your energy costs. Our Opening Windows will let the sunshine in and you can keep the dirt out. This style is economically designed to minimize heat loss in the winter and optimize cool air during the summer.



Opening Doors

Alcore Opening Doors are second to none. They set the standard for style, performance, and durability. The best quality hardware, panel, and frame designs are used so that operation is smoother and more seamless than that of other opening door systems. Our Opening Doors have the ability to bridge any size opening. Multiple configurations and options are available in order to meet the demands of various projects.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are made up of a series of windows - traditionally, a picture window flanked by smaller windows at specific angles. Bay windows are typically used to create a small nook, open up a view, or simply add interesting space to a room. Alcore's bay and bow windows add a touch of class and elegance to your living space and will instantly change the look. A bay or bow window is a great addition to any family or living room and will definitely add greater sense of style.



Specialty Works

Whether it is a three-panel configuration of our gliding patio door that features outside panels that slide toward each other to open, you need or, the local Chabad is planning to implement an exciting new addition of beautiful custom stained glass windows; Alcore can provide bright and colorful designs that will help create the perfect setting for pristine flair or prayer.

Why Choose Aluminum

Aluminum being a naturally developed mineral, remains eco-rich and plentiful. It endures any applied finish and is completely recyclable. Aluminum is nontoxic, does not emit any harmful gases, and is a certified green building material. Case studies have been used to determine that homes built with green materials, with green "best practices" implemented, have a higher resale value. Aluminum's density, along with our Double Pane Insulated Glass will also add a soundproofing element to your living space. Aluminum Windows and Doors will help maintain a healthier indoor climate for you and your family.


You may want to consider customizing your windows and doors. Most often, pre-manufactured "off the shelf" windows and doors do not fit your cavity. Customizing your order, will take less time to widen or reduce the opening to fit your window space or doorway. What does this mean? It means, faster installation and accuracy; the first time!

Sliding Screens

Our Sliding Doors and Sliding Windows offer optional Sliding Screens. All our sliding screens are made from the same extrusion as the window or door. As a result, our sliding screens are extremely durable and can weather any storm.


We can manufacture combination "operational and fixed windows" infused into one unit. Accent frame colors that will complement the architecture and exterior color of your home are available with either an Anodized or Powder Coat finish.

Modular Style

Alcore Doors and Windows are built in a modular style. If you need to replace a part of your window or door, you can easily remove and replace the part without replacing the entire panel.